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Pot Pourri - Yellow, 500 gms

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Pot pourri is a mixture of dried natural flowers/leaves, wood shavings etc. It is used to spread a pleasant fragrance in a closed environment. It is often used in offices,homes and sometimes even cars to leave a soothing fragrance inside. Pot pourri is used best when placed either in a wooden bowl or a bag made of sheer fabric (like tissue cloth,etc.)  

Modern pot pourri consists of any decoratively shaped dried plant material (not necessarily from scented plants) with strong natural and synthetic perfumes (and also often coloured dyes) added, with the scent often bearing no relation to the plant material used. Sometimes, items which do not originate from plants are mixed in with the potpourri, to give it bulk and to make it more aesthetically pleasing. It is possible to spray scents onto potpourri, however a fixative is needed so that the scent is absorbed for slow release. Generally, orris root is used for this purpose.

Ginnibloom offers a variety of colours in pot pourri to go with your beautiful home and office interiors. 

Package contains: 500 gms non-scented pot pourri.

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