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Artificial Large Yucca Tree - 6 ft, Set of 3

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This Large Yucca Tree comes in a set of 3 individual pcs. Each plant is approx 3.5 ft, 4.5 ft, & 6.5 ft tall. You can use these 3 plants individually as well. The trunk has detailing which makes it look very natural. This Artificial Large Yucca Tree has nearly natural glossy leaves and very high quality trunk which makes it look even more natural. 
Total Height: 6.5 ft
Total Width: 30 inch/ 2.5 ft 
Plant 1 Height: 45 inch/ 3.75 ft 
Plant 2 Height: 58 inch/ 4.8 ft
Plant 3 Height: 78 inch/ 6.5 ft 

Package contains: One set of 3 pcs (Without Vase)

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