Green Wall - Vertical Garden

A Green Wall is a vertical partition covered with greens and flowers which are fixed on plastic base. Green wall is also known as Bio Wall or Vertical Garden. Green wall has plastic container in a ladder form as a base on which varieties of artificial greens can be planted to create a wall or division. Our artificial Green Walls are "No Maintenance" products as these are artificial and do not require any sunlight or watering. Just a casual dusting in a moth does the trick. 

Gone are the days when artificial plants and flowers were clearly artificial. Our artificial plants gives you realistic look and feel that are difficult to distinguish from the originals. Artificial plants are now being used more and more in people’s homes, as well as in offices and high profile environments as there's no maintenance at all.

There are also many other benefits from using artificial plants or flowers.

1. Artificial plants needs no maintenance, with a quick dusting every few months is more than required. 
2. They can be used in places where it’s not practical to use live plants. 
3. Artificial plants and flowers need so little maintenance (if any), you can be certain that they will always look their best.
4. Artificial plants are far more economical in the long term. Many of our clients are changing over from live plants to their artificial.
5. Plants are an established and important part of architecture. That’s why it is interesting to discover that many architects & designers around the world now recognise the distinct advantages offered by artificial plants, and are even using them in high-profile places.
6. Artificial plants are now a very worthwhile alternative to real plants, but without any of the headaches. Real plants still have their place, yet there are now a wide range of advantages to be gained from considering artificial planting.

We design and install Vertical Garden both for indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor products are exposed to all types of weather and and can sustain UV Rays, Rain, Cold for about 2 - 5 years depending on the location. We do provide replacement guarantee for all outdoor products.

Below are the images of Outdoor UV protected Green Wall Panel designs suitable for both indoor and outdoor:

Please refer to below reference images of some of Indoor and Outdoor Artificial Greens Bio-Wall created around the city.

Artificial Tropical Wall created outside an apartment in Mumbai:


Temporary metal grill outside the glass window beautified with Vertical Wall and Boxwood Green Mat:



 * Pink and White Bougainvillea wall, to divide common space in the balcony of a residential apartment.

* One of our recently completed projects include an awesomely looking Hanging Garden with fresh and vibrant colours, which we created for one of our very prestigious client's 5* Hotel in New Delhi


* In the below images we have used 7 - 8 mix varieties of small and medium size green bushes since the client wanted a tropical look and feel beside the bar counter!



* The client wanted something unique with lush green outside the bedroom wall which was completely blank earlier. We created free style green wall using wall frames of black colour with mix green bushes.  


* See before and after of a Green Wall created using colorful mix greens on a terrace in Mumbai



Below image indicates how traditional Green Walls are installed 

Ginni Bloom Artificial Green Wall


* Moss Grass Wall frames:


Size: 15 x 15 cm, Depth: 2.75 cm

These moss grass wall frames are ideal and hassle free alternative to a unattractive blank wall. We can also customize these wall frames with your choice of artificial flowers and artificial green bushes.

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