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Artificial Flowers - The in thing!

When was the last time you gifted someone flowers and the person remembered for more than a week?

Well, times have changed, we are in the era of Artificial Flowers - flowers which never wilt! They are ones which never fail!

Artificial flowers are imitations of their original counterparts. They are mostly manufactured for home decor and gifting purposes. They are made out of various different materials like rubber, silk, clay; even glass - let us keep the detailed part of the manufacturing process for some other time.

In the past few years, we have seen an immense rise in the demand for Artificial flowers; not only by interior decorators or the so called "Upper class" population - but these silk flowers and their arrangements have generated a buzz in the common man and the youth (obviously ones going in for luxury products) so much so that the 10000-crore fresh flower industry in India had to give away a share of approx. 10-15%.

How did this happen? Or, more importantly, why? Why Artificial? There are several advantages of artificial and silk flowers and arrangements. Let us just run through the top 10:

  1. No watering / No mess / No dirt / No insects / No bugs
  2. You can go on a holiday without worrying about them.
  3. Hardly any cleaning required.
  4. You can change your home decor every-fortnight with many retailers coming up with rent an arrangement service.
  5. You enjoy the detail of natural flowers but hassle-free.
  6. These flowers go on for years to come.
  7. The wedding industry moved to artificial mainly because they can be prepared well in advance without worrying about how long they will stay.
  8. You don't need to worry about your loved ones' allergy!
  9. Save water, time, money used on fertilizers.
  10. Save yourself from recurring cost of changing arrangements in your office.

So well, now you know how Artificial Flowers have become the latest trend - be it for decorating the centerpiece in your living room, a wedding, a corporate meet, work desk arrangements or just the pleasure of celebrating your anniversary - goes well with all of these!