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Bulk buy/ wholesale offers for corporate offices

Corporates and small offices looking to give a makeover to their interiors don't have to look any further. We offer a wide variety of artificial flowers, artificial plants and much more. We specialise in custom made (personalised) floral arrangements. Artificial plants come in all sizes varying from tiny, table-top succulents to large, real-size trees.

Offices may use green artificial plants to beautify interiors without the hassles of watering or any such maintenance of the plants. These plants not only enhance the interiors but also give a lively and fresh vibe to the otherwise plain-jane looking offices.Add our custom made floral arrangements to the corner cabin to enhance its appeal and impress your clients. Using artificial creepers (wall-climbers) to passage ways can change the atmosphere totally. For big lobbies,conference rooms  and hallways use the medium height plants which are potted in vases along with beautiful shiny pebbles and watch the atmosphere elevate to another level! 

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