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Silk Flower Care

Silk flowers are great because they last forever; they are durable and can be cleaned when necessary. Depending on the quality, silk arrangements can look quite real, and bring as much elegance to a room as fresh-cut flowers. Silk flowers are both useful and vital when dealing with allergies or sensitivities.

  • Display
    Keep your beautiful silk arrangements displayed indoors, out of direct sunlight so the colors do not fade. You can place the stems in water to make them look real; however silk flowers require no watering or feeding.
  • Cleaning
    To clean silk flowers, simply remove heads from stems as most of the flowers are detachable. If the flowers are not detachable then you can also place the entire stem in water. Wash in lukewarm water or mild soap solution. Rinse and lay on a towel to dry. Then return the flower heads to the stems once they are dry. (The above is not advisable for hand wrapped paper flowers)

    Note: This method is not recommended for all types of silk flowers, and can be damaging to certain types like hand wrapped paper flowers. It is advised that you test this method out on a single flower head first, to ensure it will not damage your silk flowers.  

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