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The Modern Way of Gifting

Times have changed and so has the way of gifting. In earlier days, gifting fresh flowers was a common way of gifting on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries etc. People chose to gift bouquets of fresh/real roses and gerberas and whichever flowers were locally available. There were hardly any choices available. With the coming of artificial flowers, the scenario has totally overturned; this is because, the consumer's choices are not limited to specific flowers and specific colours--they have a wider variety to choose from! 

Ginnibloom provides its dear customers with the widest variety of flowers. You may now choose from Dark Purple Roses to Pink Anthuriums! The flowers that could not be seen in India can now be purchased online on 

Ginnibloom offers not only single stems/stalks of flowers but also bunches of flowers, ready to place floral arrangements, flower accessories (like ribbons, etc) door-delivered all across India! The best thing about them is, after you gift them to your loved one, they will never wither away like the real flowers! They will stay on forever in the minds of your dear ones and will keep reminding them of you, which is unlikely to happen with real flowers. 

Ginnibloom's floral arrangements are exclusively designed in-house by flower artisans who are skilled in the art of creating magic with beautiful floral arrangements! We make sure your gifts are exclusive, so that you don't end up giving a common gift as another person to your dear ones.

Go ahead, get your own Ginnibloom flowers today! 

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