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Cheap Artificial Flowers

"Cheap" is often associated with artificial flowers, but what does the term "Cheap Artificial Flower" actually mean?

Is it Cheap in terms of price, or cheap looking (certainly you wouldn't buy it if its cheap looking!) Right from our childhood we have been witnessing people selling artificial flowers and bunches on the streets which were very cheap. These artificial flowers were also available at local fun-fair/ mela's and our mommies made it a point not to skip any! Since these were very widely sold across India, they became very popular and hence when people think of artificial flowers as:

1. Cheap
2. Sold at fun-fairs/ streets
3. Widely available
4. Bad quality
5. Not washable
6. Cheap looking colours (not at all close to their natural counterpart) 
7. High maintenance
8. No minute detailing
9. Very difficult to shape


(A flower vendor displays artificial flowers for sale by a roadside, Photo Courtesy :

Now the scenario has completely changed. People have extensively started travelling to exotic locations and they have developed a sense of style and luxury. Most of the people buying artificial flowers understand the difference in quality and know the importance of these in their houses and offices. Most importantly these high quality artificial flowers adds up to the following benefits.  

1. High quality
2. Beautiful colours
3. Extremely natural looking (still artificial)
4. Minimal maintenance (Just an easy wash does all the work)
5. Minute detailing makes them very very close to their natural ones
6. Easy to shape as most of them are flexible/ mouldable
7. Suitable for any area/ any climate/ low light.....

the list can go on and on and on......

Ginni Bloom only offers High quality and very superior looking artificial flowers and plants, our wide variety includes some of the most popular flowers such as: Oriental Lilies, Carnations, English Rose, Bud Rose, Orchids and many more. Our artificial plants are most sought after by architects and interior designers across India. 


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